Safety in a Custom-Made Foam Pad

Running and playing in areas where hard surfaces are in proximity is an injury waiting to happen. Gyms, indoor sports centres, playgrounds and sporting ovals all have hazardous hard surfaces that will cause us serious injuries. Goal posts and fences surrounding a playing field or just a simple brick wall in an indoor sports centre can become a hazard. Like the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. A fit for purpose custom made to order floor or wall pads with a high impact absorbing foam is one way of protecting and help avoid costly injury claims in these activity spaces. Post pads are an excellent way of providing protection for people against crashing into unguarded poles. The post padding wraps around any round or square pole and are secured with Velcro and or press buttons which makes it easy to install and remove.

Post pads are not only perfect safety solution for activity areas but also serve as good safety measures taken in the work place. Prevention of possible injury in a work environment by using custom made safety pads in areas where there is a probability of injury from body impact on a hard surface structure such as a low beam.
Car parking areas is another area where a safety pad or post pad could be utilized to help avoid damage to vehicles from poles. Options as to where these safety pads could be used are endless.

Safety Mats next to sand pit to prevent injury

Most child care play areas and playgrounds will have a pole or a hard surface that will need the protection of padding. With any activity involving children, safety is always a concern. It is impossible to completely remove the risk of injury for children, especially on playgrounds, but it is still important to take every necessary precaution to try and minimize the potential for injury.

Post Pads or a Bumper pad are essential in this environment where distracted, fast-moving children play around support posts that extend from playing structures. Fences and walls that sometimes enclose these playing areas can also pose a risk. Post pads and bumper pads can easily be wrapped around support poles, walls or even lay on hard floors. These can be made with easy removable Velcro strips and packed up after play time. The importance of getting a custom made to order pad is that it will be custom designed and have the necessary multiple fixing points to fit to the structure or pole that you would like to protect you child. Off the shelf products may not necessary fit properly and apart from it not giving the desired protection needed, it could look saggy and unsightly.

Child Care and School Playgrounds, Gyms, Sport Facilities, Leisure Centres, Car Parks and Industrial warehousing work spaces are what these custom made safety pads are designed for. Like our custom made quality Sand Pit Covers and Shade Structures we at Selbys Canvas and Shade can custom make the right absorbing safety pad with the correct foam density for each individual specified area in a multi choice of colours and sizes.