Storing and Cleaning your Tarp Correctly

Tarps and covers work best when basic care procedures are followed. First you will need to make sure that you choose the right Tarp for the job. We at Selbys Canvas and Shade can custom make the right size tarp to meet your specified needs.

It’s important to keep your Tarps dry after use, they are designed to get wet and the fabric we use to custom make your Tarp is water-repellent and mildew resistant, but you don’t want to create an environment for mildew to fester.  It’s also best to keep your tarps off the floor when not in use, like on a wood pallet.

Custom Made to order Truck Tarps with shortners

Depending on the use of your Tarp it can get rather dirty even though the fabrics we use designed to resist dirt and clean easily, it is still important to clean the mud and grime on your tarp if it’s been used to protect your truck load or even to protect your building renovation, caked on grime will eventually shorten your tarp cover’s life span as well as adding unnecessary weight to your tarp. Also, some types of pollutants and chemicals can get stuck on your cover, degrading the tarps coatings and fibers.

With a little care and the right maintenance you can get your tarp looking great before you put it away for the next use. The easy way to approach this is by spreading your tarp on a clean flat surface like a driveway, it’s best to use a biodegradable spray tarp detergent/cleaner. Make sure you get detergent/cleaner that is designed to maintain the water resistance of the tarp fabric. Spray the tarp with the right amount of detergent as per the manufacture instructions on the label, and let it sit for a bit, giving the cleaner some time to do its job and loosen up the caked on dirt and grime. This is where a bit of work is needed by scrubbing the tarp using a long handle broom to help you take off any of the grime that doesn’t want to come off. Take the time to rinse your tarp thoroughly. You don’t want to leave any cleaning residue on it. This will also help you see areas that you may have missed and will let you go back and clean those areas. It is important to let your tarp dry completely before putting it away. Cleaning your tarp on a dry day with some sun and airflow will allow the tarp to dry a lot faster and to make sure your tarp is dried completely. Cleaning and maintaining your tarp on a regular bases or when you finished using it, will give you the longevity that you expect from your investment for many years to come and save you money in the long run.